DRRM Fund Utilization 2016

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                                                                   Province of Bataan
                                                                      City of Balanga
                                              Office of the Barangay Council of Cupang West
                    Report on the Utilization of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund
                                                             as of November, 2016
Province/Municipality/Barangay  __CUPANG WEST_____
      Particulars Quick Response Mitigation NDRRMF From Other From Other  Total
  Fund (QRF) Fund   LGUs Sources  
    30% 70%        
A. Source of Funds:            
  Current Approp.             33,770.46       78,797.74          112,568.20
  Continuing Approp.                               -  
  Prev. Year's Approp.            
      transferred to the             
      Special Trust Fund                               -  
Total Funds Available             33,770.46       78,797.74          112,568.20
B. Utilization:            
  Food Supplies                               -  
  Repair of Evacuation            
  Construction of             
  Evacuation Center            
  Equipment                               -  
  Transfers of Funds            
Total Utilization                           -                        -                             -  
Unutilized Balance             33,770.46       78,797.74          112,568.20
Prepared by: Certified Correct: 
       Imelda B. Patungan             Edgardo N. Inieto
       Barangay Treasurer Chairman, Committee on Appropriation
                                                           Noted by:
                 Ernesto D. Nisay
                 Punong Barangay