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The word CUPANG originated from the “Cupang Tree”, which can be found anywhere in the said place at that time until it withered during the 1950s.  No clear explanation on when Cupang became barangay but on the other hand,as what "Balik Tanaw Book" stated, there was a person named Rufino Valdecanas who was leading the barangay as cabeza by year 1770, exactly 56years when Balanga became pueblo. So, in that year, having their own cabeza, it was very clear that Cupang was already considered as one
barangay. During the administration of Governor EFREN PASCUAL on December 07, 1971, Cupang West was separated from Bo. Cupang through the effort of Mayor CELSO V. VALDECAÑAS, DILG Officer of Balanga Rodolfo Javier and Barangay Captain GABRIEL NISAY.  Farming is its major source of livelihood.


BRGY. LEADERS from 1971 up to Present

                                                                                    Appointed Officials

  Brgy. Captain Gabriel J. Nisay


                           Mga   Kagawad

·         Kagawad  Rogelio Guevarra

·         Kagawad  Alfonso De Guzman

·         Kagawad  Alfredo Nocedal

·         Kagawad    Godofredo Matias

·         Kagawad     Pedro Dominguez

·         Kagawad   Leonardo Nisay


Brgy. Captain Rogelio Guevara    

                           Mga  Kagawad

        ·         Kagawad Leonardo Nisay

        ·         Kagawad Alfonso De Guzman

        ·         Kagawad Godofredo Matias

        ·         Kagawad Alfredo Nocedal

        ·         Kagawad Pedro Dominguez  


Elected Officials

Brgy. Captain Patricia Jaraba               



              Mga     Kagawad

·         Kagawad Godofredo Matias

·         Kagawad Alfredo Nocedal

·         Kagawad Ernesto Gonzales

·         Kagawad Manuel Nisay

·         Kagawad Ruperto Gomez


 Brgy.Captain Leonardo Nisay       



                             Mga   Kagawad

·         Kagawad Godofredo Matias

·         Kagawad Alfredo Nocedal

·         Kagawad Ernesto Gonzales

·         Kagawad Manuel Nisay

·         Kagawad Ruperto Gomez

Brgy. Captain Ernesto D. Nisay

(1989 - 2007)

  Mga Kagawad
(1989-1994) (1994-1997) (1997-2002)   (2002-2007)
  Kgd.CrisostomoNisay   Kgd.AntonioDizon  Kgd.CrisostomoNisay
  Kgd.ErnestoGonzalez  Kgd.FortunatoSampang Kgd. Crisostomo Nisay Kgd.FortunatoSampang
  Kgd. Antonio Dizon  Kgd. Wilfredo Balor Kgd.FortunatoSampang  Kgd. Wilfredo Balor
  Kgd. Manuel Nisay  Kgd. Antonio Dizon  Kgd. Manolo Manuel  Kgd. Manolo Manuel
  Kgd. Wilfredo Balor  Kgd. Joseph Dar  Kgd. Diego Ramos  Kgd. Richard Gonzales
 Kgd.RosalindaAlonzo   Kgd. Manolo Manuel   Kgd. Wilfredo Balor   Kgd. Diego Ramos




              Mga Kagawad

·         Kagawad  Ernesto D. Nisay

·         Kagawad  Richard J. Gonzales

·         Kagawad  Rodolfo  C.  Bagtas

·         Kagawad  Melinda M. Timbang

·         Kagawad  Cynthia  N. Veloria

·         Kagawad  Rodrigo  C. Ramos

·         Kagawad  Gaspar  S.  Jardin



           Location               Cupang West is located at the western part of the City of Balanga, and lies  in the eastern part of Bataan.  Cupang West is at the northern side of  Brgy. Cupang North ,  Brgy. Cataning is at the west , Brgy.  Central  at the south and Brgy Cupang Proper at the east.

Founded              December 10, 1971

            Land Area            The community lies on the western part of Bo. Cupang with a total    land area of 25.87 hectares.

Population           As of the latest survey made by the  National Statistics Office (NSO), year     2007, Cupang West has a total population of 2,460. 

Number of Household     361

No. of Streets     11 streets namely: Masinop St.,  Masikap St., Masikap East 1 St., Msikap East 2 St., Masikap East 3 St.,  Maunlad St., Gabriel J. Nisay Sr. St., M.H. Del   Pilar St.   Maagap St.  Maliagaya St. at Magiliw St.


            Religion               Catholic, Born-Again, Jehovah’s Witness, Iglesia ni Cristo, Seventh-   day     Adventist, Jesus Is Lord

Kapistahan           Every last Sunday of May

Patron-                  Sto. Cristo

Major Dialect        Tagalog

Organizations       Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Kabalikat, Senior Citizen

Schools                  Day Care Center, Cupang Elem. School, Alternative Learning  School (A.L.S)

Recreational-        Cupang West Covered Court, Pamana Ville, Multi-Purpose Hall

Major Product       Palay

Power Supply-      Penelco

Water System        Balanga Water District     

The People behind the success!