Water System – Installation of 17 pieces G.I. Pipes 2”  x 20 feet x 40 schedule in some portions of Maunlad Street will provide our constituents with enough fresh and clean water supply, through the effort of Vice Mayor Noel Valdecañas and SP members.

Construction/Rehabilitation of Drainage Canal - to enforce flood control in the areas of Maligaya and Masinop St. through the help of Mayor Jose Enrique S.  Garcia III,  Vice Mayor Noel Valdecañas and SP members.

Completion of 3 Storey Multi-Purpose Building located at Masikap St. It is composed of Health Center, Day Care Center, Alternative Learning School (A.L.S), Barangay Hall Annex and is to be utilized as Function Hall. It is made possible through the support  from  Mayor Jose Enrique S. Garcia III, Cong. Albert S. Garcia and Gov. Enrique Garcia.

Construction/Rehabilitation of Multi-Purpose Bldg. (Plaza Covered Court) - Phase 1 Multi-Purpose Building is partially complete and now housing the  by our  Multi-Purpose Cooperative.  Phase 2 is our main Brgy. Hall and soon to be completed. However, we may need the help of COB to make this project possible.

Concreting  of  Road at Maagap St. and Gabriel Nisay Sr. St. 

                            Improvement of Multi Purpose Building second floor.

                            Paintings of Cupang Elementary School Fences at Magiliw St.

                            De-Clogging of Canals.


Budget Workshop Seminar - This Budget Workshop Seminar discussed the new guidelines that was issued by the Department of Budget and Management held last 23th – 25th day of September, 2008 at Subic, Zambales . It would be great help in the fiscal management of the community.

Local Revenues of Barangay Cupang West – it is an effective way of implementing the collection of revenues in Barangay Cupang West by imposing taxes on barangay construction clearance, barangay electrical clearance, tricycle clearance, fencing clearance and certification of good moral character. These taxes   will help increase our revenue needed for the maintenance and improvement of our barangay .


R.A. 9262 at R.A. 9344 Seminar- Thru this seminar,  the Republic Act.  9262 & 9344 discussed the Anti Violence Against Women and Juvenile Justice Welfare Act, held last 7th day of February 2008. Barangay committee on peace and order attended this seminar to gain knowledge, not only to protect the women and children but to share out the knowledge that they have gained as well.

R.A. 191-2007 (Drinking of Alcoholic Beverages is prohibited)     -This ordinance of City of Balanga prohibits drinking alcoholic beverages in public places like streets and plaza. It is strictly implemented by the barangay council. This helps the barangay to avoid conflicts and troubles coursed by too much drinking of alcohol beverages which later on bring nuisances in the barangay.

Brgy.  Resolution No.  03, s 2008  (24 hours Security on Duty) - This project is implemented to give peace of mind and security to all residents of Brgy. Cupang  West and to protect them against lawless elements of society 24 hours a day.


Tree Planting - Planting the 60 seedlings in vacant lots including the government owned lots to be an eco-friendly community, with the help of resident doctors in Bataan and City government last July 23, 2008 will promise a fresh and non-polluted barangay in recent years to come.

Beautification of Street Posts - Street posts in the area of Cupang West are designed and painted with the different kinds of flowers like sampaguita, Ilang-ilang, rose, gumamela and Camella add beauty to street and make them more appealing to the eyes .

Community Garden- as part of Clean and Green Project of City of Balanga, community garden maximizes the use of vacant lots and provides fresh vegetables and medicinal plants to the people.

Preservation of Plants and Trees- Correct ways of taking care and maintaining growing plants and trees are observed to maintain the ecological balance of nature.


                        HEALTH AND SANITATION

Hataw sa Cupang- the community believes that regular physical activity contributes to the physical well being as well as mental and social aspects of the constituents. It improves the healthy lifestyle of the people. Hataw sa Cupang is held every Saturdays at 7:00 to 9:00 o’clock in the morning and Sundays after Mass at Cupang West Covered Court.

Linis Barangay- was initiated last December 14, 2007 by the members of Kabalikat,  Iskolar ng Bayan and Brgy. Council of Cupang West. This is held regularly every Sundays at 6:00 in the morning to ensure the cleanliness of the whole barangay.

Ordinance No. 1, s. 1994 (Pagbabawal ng Hayop na may Apat na Paa na  Gumagala sa Daan)-  is continuously implemented in Barangay Cupang West to prevent the possible accumulation of animal waste on the streets and to minimize, if not eradicate the incidents of dogs bites.

Slogan (Reminders and Ordinances) - were posted to promote cleanliness and to keep the residents aware of their duties and responsibilities as part of the barangay and also to maintain sanitation within the community.

Rabies Control Program-Encourage responsible pet owners to have their dogs injected with anti-rabies vaccine with the help of the following agencies, City Health Office, City Agriculture, Provincial Veterinary Office and Brgy. Council of Cupang West 

Dengue Prevention and Control Program- Reorganization and reactivation of Dengue Task Force with the help of Dr. Christian Navarro –RHP of RHU 3 promotes a sense of triumph in battling dengue cases.

Provision and Construction of Toilet- RHU 3 and the brgy. Council of Cupang West upon inspection made possible the construction of a toilet for Jaime Family to make available the sewage facility to members of the household. This will in turn make every household in the barangay equipped with its own facility for the proper disposal of human waste.


                        SPORTS DEVELOPMENT

Cupang West Basketball Invitational League- promotes friendship and camaraderie among the people of barangay Cupang in the spirit of basketball game held last December, 2007 in cooperation with City Marshall, Cupang North, Cupang Proper, Central and Cataning Team.

Cupang West Intercolor Basketball League- provides to be a worthwhile past time for workers, school break for the students and most importantly, for bonding of youth and fathers in the community. It was held last April 23, 2008 with the supervision of SK and Brgy. Council of Cupang West.

Basketball Clinic- the concept of this project is to enhance the skills of children ages 9-15 yrs old in basketball and developed camaraderie among their batches. The 1st season was held last June to September, 2008, every Sunday at 9:00 o’clock in the morning.


           Cupang Elementary Day Care Center-To make this project possible, Cupang Elementary School, Cupang North and Cupang West Council worked hand-in-hand for  the day care students of Cupang Elementary Day Care Center to have a new classroom located in 1st floor of the 3-story Multi-Purpose Hall of Cupang West. Sangguniang Barangay of Cupang West donated school supplies such as bags, pencils, papers to inspire those students in their studies.

           Alternative Learning SchoolCupang West council provided comfortable space to undergraduate students for their special class.  ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SCHOOL (ALS) is a project for the said students who are elementary and high school undergraduates for them to be able to continue their studies. After several examinations the Department of Education will categorize each student to which level of education they belong.

        Acknowledgement- The constituents of Barangay Cupang West   would like to express their profound gratitude to all people who helped in the attainment of all the above mentioned programs and projects possible. To  Mayor Jose Enrique S. Garcia III, of the City Government of Balanga  , Governor Enrique Garcia  of the Provincial Government of  Bataan , Congressman Albert  S. Garcia of 2nd District of Bataan , Vice Mayor Noel  Valdecanas , Sangguniang Panglungsod Members and former Brgy. Capt. Ernie D. Nisay, Thank you to all of you. These projects would have not been possible without your valuable support, again our deepest and warmest gratitude.